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The most prevalent co-occurring disorders that accompany problem gambling will be identified as well as the financial consequences.Counselor Sensitivity to Sex Work and Substance Use Disorders (April 4, 2019) This webcast will explore the topic of sex work, through the human rights framework.(March 15, 2018) This Learning Thursdays' presentation will provide a detailed overview of the OASAS substance abuse prevention framework and highlights of how working in partnership with key policymakers, the provider network, individuals, families, and communities helps to create and promote a prevention framework that supports safe and healthy environments.

Among other topics, the webcast will provide a differentiation between sex work and human trafficking and will help SUD treatment providers identify signs of human trafficking, in clients.

Finally, the webcast will provide best practices and specific considerations for effective treatment for individuals working in the sex industry.

Problem Gambling and the Family (2019) (May 2, 2019) This NYCPG presentation will provide an overview of problem gambling, its impact on the family and how the disorder reaches far beyond the individual.

This webcast will discuss clinical indications of problem gambling, as well as impacts and negative consequences to the client's immediate circle, including family members.

GENDA - Gender Identity Rights under the NYS Human Rights Law (August 15, 2019) This presentation will cover the provisions of GENDA (the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act) and the coverage of gender identity under the New York State Human Rights Law. (August 1, 2019) This presentation will provide an overview of common biases that individuals carry with them, including interactive exercises on how to identify one's own biases.

The presentation will also cover the New York State Division of Human Rights enforcement of the law. The presentation will provide strategies on how to manage and overcome intrinsic biases towards specific populations, as well as an exploration of common biases in society.Traumatic Loss for Caregivers: The Impact of Suicide and Opioids (March 7, 2019) As the numbers of those lost to suicide and opioids rise, the need for postvention for caregivers is imperative.This talk will cover the unique nature of a stigmatized loss, the needs of the grieving caregivers, as well as what colleagues, administrators, and healthcare systems can do to support them.Issues Faced by Transgender/Gender Non-Conforming People (June 28, 2018) The presentation will focus on issues specific to the Transgender/Gender Non-Conforming Population.One focus will be on concerns encountered when seeking or attending SUD treatment.Emerging Trends and Problem Gambling (July 19, 2018) The ever-growing capabilities of technology have dawned a new age of gambling opportunities and accessibility.


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