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Cameron wants Patrick to date Kat so that he could date Bianca, as per her father’s strict rule.He convices Joey to pay Patrick to take Kat out on a date, but she initially declines his invitation to a party…a little effort convinced her otherwise, and Patrick takes her out.

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Bianca’s character also differs greatly from her previous archetypes, as she appears shallow, but is actually sharp and deceptive.

Yet, Bianca still means well and goes through her own metamorphosis by the end of the movie.

Joey’s character is the only one to remain static throughout the film (with the exception of comic relief characters like Michael), as he doesn’t learn anything; he doesn’t change.

Eventually, Cameron does get the girl by becoming her French tutor.

In the following scene, Bianca confronts Kat to try and convince her to go to the prom with Patrick, as their father won’t let her go with Cameron unless Kat also attends.

Finally, Kat reveals the truth of her behavior: she had sex with Joey when she was much younger, because “everyone was doing it.” Kat learned from her mistake and tried to avoid societal norms in retaliation, and thus became a determined man-hating feminist.

A romantic comedy based on the classic Shakespeare play, The Taming of the Shrew, this book is a tie-in to the new teen movie starring Larisa Oleynik, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and teen idol Andrew Keegan.

Often times, people misunderstand the meaning of feminism.

Kat isn’t interested in dating anyone—that is, until Patrick Verona enters her life.

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