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As for the standard Galaxy S10, it's not a great "deal," shaving off only 0 and losing a second front-facing camera, a little screen space and a little battery life. Night mode is one exception, and both the Pixel 3 and Huawei's P30 Pro have dedicated night modes that easily outpace the Galaxy S10 Plus.

If nighttime photography is a make-it-or-break-it feature for you, you may want to wait for next month's Galaxy 10 or October's (likely) Samsung is partial to glossy finishes that reflect light in unusual ways.

Your Phone -All Users | Remove-Appx Package 4) Hit enter This is as close to i Message as one can possibly get.

Works across the net now, on both my desktop and Surface laptop, no issues lately.

Samsung likes to build on its strengths, so the Galaxy Note 10 would also include the S10 Plus' fantastic screen clarity and features like wireless power sharing, which lets you charge other devices from the phone itself.

The Note 10 could also correct one of the S10 Plus' biggest missed opportunities, the lack of a night mode that sharpens, brightens and vastly improves photos taken in extreme low light. Low-light shots aren't a deal-breaker for me, especially when weighed against the Galaxy S10 Plus' other benefits, but being able to match those other night modes would make the S10 Plus the undisputed champion across the board.

It's a bad experience that makes for sore thumbs, impatient people in line behind you, and daily aggravation.

After hailing the potential of the in-screen fingerprint reader so long, the reality of the technology makes me long for the Galaxy S10E's fingerprint sensor in the power button, and that's too bad.

Couldn't get it to connect in the first place and now, it won't even let me delete it. Do not download because if you decide you don't want it on your computer you don't have the option to get rid of it.

Did all the trouble shooting I could find, and it still never connected.

Soon, the S10 Plus' best virtues -- its sharp screen, three top-notch cameras and all-day battery life -- will face another challenge from within Samsung's ranks, the , which is all but confirmed to launch Aug. Everything that's great about the Galaxy S10 Plus is set to get even better in the Note 10, even if you're not drawn to the Note's S Pen stylus, the digital pen that's the Galaxy Note's signature feature, from the S10 Plus' battery life and camera prowess, to the likelihood that the Note 10 will be compatible with 5G data networks.


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