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The I Factor was recently published to rave reviews and endorsements from some of today’s biggest celebrities, including Larry King, Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, and Sofia Vergara. But no honesty and no directness will only prolong the uncertainty and waste a lot of time. Weinberg is the coauthor of The I Factor, an inspirational and aspirational book about connection in the age of social media.

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I just found out he/she’s been seeing someone else the entire time!

We’re in a relationship but I don’t know if we’re committed or not. I’m thinking about having the “commitment conversation.” 9. Available exclusively online in print and ebook versions through and the Apple i Tunes Bookstore.

In AA there are many helpful recovery tools that have worked many times over at maintaining sobriety and a connection with a Higher Power.

There’s actually a very effective and simple prayer adapted from a prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr and known as the “Serenity Prayer,” which can help you as you are seeking knowledge and make your decision to turn it over on a daily basis: With the “Serenity Prayer” you can learn to accept with serenity the current reality of your condition and that although you cannot control the choices and actions of others, you can decide how you will act in each situation.

You may not be able to change some things in your life, but you can make a decision to change your willingness to surrender, trust and seek knowledge.

For some people a three-letter word can be even worse than a four-letter word.

We can surrender a lifetime of self-will run amok by making the decision to turn it all over to a Higher Power and allow someone and something to care for us.

We can stop wearing ourselves out trying to make and force everything to happen as if we were in charge of everything in the world.

When working on step three we take a look at how acting on self-will means behaving with the exclusion of any consideration for others, focusing only on what we want and ignoring the needs and feelings of others.


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