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Talk to him and ask him questions about school, what he likes to do, what does his family like to do together, etc.

I also make it a point to know the parents of the boy so that as parents you are all on the same page.

He goes to High School and she is in Middle School. By the end of the summer I can just say that I'm glad I was strong enough to say no as many times as I had to - not all girls will be able to do that, and not all boys will take no for an answer!

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Thank GOD there is a place like this so parents can help other parents. I had my first boyfriend at 15 and he really liked to push the envelope (if you know what I mean) when we were alone.

I also told her when she's 16 she can date ONLY IF we meet the boy. But I will tell you, love her, let her know you love her and then love her even more. Family Coach I say go with the two who say give permission for a group date.

Then if you think he is OK, tell her she can go as long as several others join them, you drop her off, pick her up, etc. Mom and dad have to both agree on what and where they are going and doing.

So long as she doesn't violate your trust, going out in a big group is good for her. They know I’m going to want to talk to their friend’s (boy or girl) parent(s).

haha) parents have to make decisions for their teenagers that are going to make the teen very angry and feel like their parents don't love them, but once they are grown with their own children is when they will see their parents' wisdom and really appreciate the boundaries they had set in their lives.

Good luck on this - I am definitely not looking foward to the teen years, if I could keep them babies forever I would!!

And, my Dad always made our home an 'open house' for all my friends to just hang out at, for boys and girls. but I was just too 'shy' to tell him I actually had a 'date' per say.

They and all my friends parents all knew each other anyway. So, it is GREAT that your daughter even told you about this. Just KEEP the lines of communication open for anything she wants to talk about... It was my own awkwardness..not trying to hide it from him.

The thing about dating is that it's not about good grades or how nice a kid is, it's that once you start getting physical, it's easy to get more and more physical, but teenagers just don't have the life experience to realize the emotional attachment and stress that comes along with that.


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