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If you wonder, why the girls on our web site are totally different as on others, we will answer you simply: we refer to every woman in Russian language and check her legal status to make certain that she is de facto not married.

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Here are some recent photos of me and my husband, Mark. As he do honest to me by not contact or keep talking to other girls.. SO NOW MY DAUGHTER AND I ARE STAYING IN USA FOR 6 MONTHS. If there should ever be anything I could do for you, please don't hesitate to ask me. Take care Kindest regards ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bird, We wanted to say thank you for having a site that allowed us to meet, fall in love and begin a very wonderful life together. If it hadn't been for your website I never would have met the woman, I believe, I've been waiting for all my 55 years of life.

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We decided to get married and on May 05,2013 we were married in Bangkok. Now my life is happy and I hope everyone finds there true love. We would like to express our gratitude for the service of your website and would like to ask to remove Jum's profile from your website (BRC 34955).

We are very happy and soon I will be moving to Alaska with my husband and daughter. Feel free to quote us, we think that the service you provide with your website was just adequate and we feel lucky about the opportunity this gave us.

We met in February of 2012 and got to know each other on Skype. I just did not expect much when I asked for Jum's contact details but it turned out that I met the most wonderful woman in my life.


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