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Typically, a slow learner has difficulty with higher order thinking or reasoning skills.

This can lead to gaps in knowledge and basic skills.

The more gaps in a content area, the more challenging it is for anyone to learn new concepts.

This training is very interactive with instructor and student demonstrations.

Students are given comprehensive step by step training on how to deliver a successful first aid program.

If a cognitive assessment (IQ test) has a mean (average) of 100, we expect most students will fall within one standard deviation of 100.

That means that most students have an IQ of 85 to 115.

So let’s see the adult learners' cognitive and social characteristics, and what instructional designers need to know in order to create the right course content and structure, and adjust their attitude.

Students with slow processing speed can have trouble keeping up in class, participating in discussions and staying focused.

Keep in mind that having slow processing speed has nothing to do with how smart students are.

It's just that the pace at which they can take in, respond to, and use information may be a little bit slower.

However, she learns slower than average students and will need additional help to succeed.

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