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Don't talk about 'accommodations' or 'an accommodation'.assist, assistance, help, aid - the activity of contributing to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose; "he gave me an assist with the housework"; "could not walk without assistance"; "rescue party went to their aid"; "offered his help in unloading" and arrangement which was practicable, drew from him some pleasant ridicule, which reminded Anne of the early days when she too had been ignorant, and she too had been accused of supposing sailors to be living on board without anything to eat, or any cook to dress it if there were, or any servant to wait, or any knife and fork to use.

be scanty and poor, there are no quarters so cramped or inconvenient that they cannot make room for arms and letters; above all if arms and letters have beauty for a guide and leader, as letters represented by your worship have in this fair maiden, to whom not only ought castles to throw themselves open and yield themselves up, but rocks should rend themselves asunder and mountains divide and bow themselves down to give her a reception.

We provide a welcome pack on arrival that includes some basic supplies for when you first move in, an accommodation guide and information about the nearest shops, transport and other necessities.

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Accommodating services

If you’ve been diagnosed with a blood cancer and live in regional, rural or remote areas of Australia, you may have to travel to a major city at short notice to begin medical treatment.

For many people, this could mean weeks or even months away from home.

The northern access to the lists terminated in a similar entrance of thirty feet in breadth, at the extremity of which was a large enclosed space for such knights as might be disposed to enter the lists with the challengers, behind which were placed tents containing refreshments of every kind for their Why, then, to make it clearer to you, sir, I beg to let you know that when I address what I call a properly-worded appeal, and an urgent appeal, and a delicate appeal, to an individual, for a small temporary Now as this law, under a modified form, is to this day in force in England; and as it offers in various respects a strange anomaly touching the general law of Fast and Loose-Fish, it is here treated of in a separate chapter, on the same courteous principle that prompts the English railways to be at the expense of a separate car, specially reserved for the for many horses and carriages; but I need only describe the stable into which I was taken; this was very roomy, with four good stalls; a large swinging window opened into the yard, which made it pleasant and airy.

As a business owner, you’re responsible for accommodating the needs of disabled employees and customers as long as the accommodations don’t place undue burdens on your business.

The Accessible Information Management system, or AIM, will allow new and current students of SAAS more independence in managing their approved accommodations.

For more information, check out our AIM How-To Videos. The Student Disability Network (SDN) is a registered student organization on campus that welcomes all students to join a fun and friendly environment to learn and grow.

Local laws about service animals in the workplace vary by province and city.

However, Canada’s federal Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination based on disability, and not allowing a service animal to enter your premises is typically considered a discriminatory act.

In 2017-2018, we provided accommodation to approximately 989 families across Australia.


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