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For students with disabilities to be successful on these assessments, the first thing they need is instruction in the standards-based content covered by the assessments.

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Accommodations are typically categorized according to whether they are changes in presentation (e.g., directions or items read aloud), response (e.g., mark answer in the test booklet), setting (e.g., use of a study carrel), or timing/scheduling (e.g., frequent breaks).

Here is a brief description of each of these categories.

Students should discuss and arrange their test accommodations with faculty as early as possible (generally, no later than the end of the third week of the semester).

Most students complete training for different types of alternative testing accommodations online.

"Not okay" accommodations are commonly referred to as modifications, adaptations, alterations, and nonstandard, nonallowable, or nonapproved accommodations (Thurlow & Wiener, 2000).

The terminology can be confusing and terms may have different meanings in various contexts.

Students should contact their Mc Burney access consultant if they test with technology, need additional training, or have questions.

Alternative Testing Online Training Students who use assistive or adaptive technology during accommodations commonly test at the Testing and Evaluation Office, but can test in the department if the necessary technology is available.

For example, only one state continues to use the term "modification" to indicate a test change that produces valid scores.


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