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She has been playing Battleship and Chess with him as a way to discover how he learns and perceives his world.

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What I am sure she will say is that I am too soft, too enabling, and too mothering.

I am confident she will question how we educate, medicate, and communicate with him.

Social accommodations are more likely to be perceived as spoiling because the need is not as obvious as the child requiring a wheelchair or hearing aids. If the decisions you make for your child are bringing him closer to the world, closer to emotional stability, and closer to functionality, you are not spoiling him.

Your child has clearly shown us that he needs help to function in certain situations. You are giving him the best possible shot at living his life.

) So as I have sat in the waiting room on a different couch, this therapist has been getting to know my son.

For more than two months, she has been sitting on bean bags with him and asking him questions about his life.

That the decisions I make in the moment, with very little knowledge, are not helping him.

What I am expecting to hear is that I am spoiling him.

You are accommodating him so that he can interact with and engage in the world as much as possible. If you have considered all of your options and know that something will help your child to just be a kid and get along in his environment, do it.

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I am sharing it because I think it is also true for your child. Here is how she responded: An accommodation is something that helps your child function as close to the level as possible of other children who do not have the same special needs.


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