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In contrast, Procedures are actions that are intended to result in a physical or mental change to or for the subject (for example, surgery, physiotherapy, training, counseling).A Task resource often exists in parallel with clinical resources.

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For example, in a task supporting reading of radiology image, the inputs might include both the imaging study to be read, as well as relevant prior images.

Outputs could represent radiology measurements as well as the Radiologist's diagnostic report.

Upon normal completion, the task enters the Completed state.

If there is a failure during the task execution that prevents the task from being completed, it can also enter a Failed state, indicating an abnormal termination of the task.

Note that there are a variety of processes associated with making and processing orders.

Some orders may be handled immediately by automated systems but most require real world actions by one or more humans.This may be in preparation for delegation or reassignment (e.g., because it cannot be completed by the current owner), to restart a task due to a temporary failure (e.g., to reattempt completion of the activity), or in preparation to allow others to claim the task.The task history allows applications monitoring the state of a workflow to identify tasks that are long running, perhaps stuck in some queue, to enable management activities that could ensure completion.These agents can be coordinated, following well choreographed business logic to ensure that tasks are completed.Task management may also be centrally controlled using some form of a workflow engine, in which case, the workflow engine itself may update and maintain the task resources in the server, and through its orchestration activities ensure that tasks are completed.In a RESTful context, a server functions as a repository of tasks.

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