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He'd met someone at the gym and hung out with her several times, then slept with her once.

He was honest with me about it, and I broke up with him on the spot.

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It was a very wholesome, kind, loving environment that clicked for both of us.

There were all these couples with amazing relationships, and I realized I wasn't alone and that we could hopefully get through it.

Here, Sophie explains how she came to terms with the issue that threatened to end their relationship—and how it made them a stronger couple in the end. student, and I was in my third year of undergrad school.

The Beginning of Our Love Story My husband and I met at UCLA in 2005. We took the same neuroscience course, began studying together, and both started crushing on each other.

' Even though it's cheesy, I would do everything in my power to get you back and prove to you I'm the one for you. Tell me if I should go away forever or if I have a chance." Receiving this unexpected letter confirmed my suspicion that even though I was enjoying my freedom and adventures, I really missed Adi.

We talked and came to the understanding that if we got back together, we'd go to therapy; after all, we didn't want to get back together after a year of being apart, then have him cheat again.

We needed serious help from a third party who was trained for these situations.

We stuck to our agreement and started seeing a therapist soon after we were engaged.

Adi decided to go to an outpatient rehab program for sex addiction.

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