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The standalone Track Back tool serves two purposes: 1) it allows non-Movable Type users to use Track Back with the tool of their choice, provided they meet the installation requirements; 2) it serves as a reference point to aid developers in implementing Track Back in their own systems. The terms of the Artistic License are described at

It’s been a decade since the original “Planet Earth” became a cultural event on TV, thanks to its stunning filmmaking and unparalleled access to the natural world.

Since then, the team has surpassed its previous efforts to capture footage for “Planet Earth II,” thanks to innovations in technology and good old-fashioned human tenacity.

“You could never see what happens with those snow leopards. I think there’s something rather also kind of old-fashioned-ly magical about it.

You leave those cameras there, there’s no cameraman involved other than setting it up and then you go away.

You’ll also need perl, and the following Perl modules: The first four are core modules as of perl 5.6.0, I believe, and LWP is installed on most hosts.

Furthermore LWP is only required if you wish to send Track Back pings.

Having a good pilot for the drone equipped with an expensive camera was essential, but there were other issues also involved with the use of drones.

READ MORE: ‘Planet Earth II’: Listen to Hans Zimmer’s Breathtaking Score “In the time that we’ve been filming, they’ve gone from being something quite unheard of and not particularly popular to being massive,” said White.

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“All the legislation involved in piloting round the world is big.

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