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Badoo desktop apps are also available to know members who are close to your location.


This mobile app gives users a fast and easy way to access their accounts.

They can search for other members no matter what they do and wherever they are.

If you are not certain whether you want to upgrade your membership, you don’t have to worry, all you need is to make a basic profile and spend time browsing the site. back to menu ↑ There are many apps which come with Badoo including the Badoo Mobile.

Badoo mobile is a very remarkable app which makes it is easy for busy users to access this dating site while at the office, on a bus, or while on vacation.

This starts by sending you an email verification notice, and then you need to link Badoo to your Facebook or other social media account or use your contact number to check your identity.

If you find it overwhelming, you can still join the site under the unverified account.

Keep reading our honest Badoo review to learn more.

back to menu ↑ As mentioned above, you can join this online dating site for free.

Badoo became popular through Facebook quizzes and games before becoming its standalone service in the year 2012.


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