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The particulars of the ceremonial of laying the corner stone are copied from the records of the provincial grand lodge at a quarterly communi- cation held in Halifax, March 5, 1817, as follows: The grand secretary laid before grand lodge the minutes of a temporary grand lodge held at Saint John, N. : By virtue of a wanant under tlie liand and seal of the R. John George Pyke, grand muster of the ancient society of freemasons in Nova Scotia and the masonical jurisdiction thereunto belonging, dated at Halifax the 14th day of September, in the year of our Lord 1816, and of masonry 5816, a grand lodge assembled at the Ex- change Coffee House, in the city of Saint John, in New Brunswick, on the 28th day of September, in the same year, for the purpose mentioned in the warrant. Morse's house, Horsiield street, on Saturday, tlie 28th instant, precisely at 12 o'clock noon. Ail tlie brethren tliroughoiit the province, who can make it convenient to attend at the ceremony, are hereby particuhirly re(inested to meet at the lodge room, in Mr.

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John's " has been continued without change or variation ; and, in like manner, there has been no alteration in the time of holding the regular communications, i. The many serious fires by which large portions of the city of Saint John were, from time to time, laid waste, destroyed large accumulations of books and documents, public and private, of great value for his- toric and other purposes.

From April 2, 1802, the day on which the lodge was constituted, the original chartered name " St.


Entered according to Act of Parliament of Canada, in the year 1895, , By W. Bunting, In the Office of the Minister of Agriculture at Ottawa.

Had I enlarged upon this division of my work — and there was much of absorbing interest in connection with these bodies which came under my notice — the size of the volume would have exceeded prudential limits ; and, notwithstanding my efforts to be concise in this and other particulars, the number of pages has exceeded my original intention.

KEANS, Esquire, DEPUTY C4KAND MASTER, PAST MASTER OP ST. MY MASONIC GUIDE AND INSTRUCTOR, MY EARLY FRIEND AND COUNSELLOR, AND IN TESTIMONY* OF HIS STERLING WORTH AS A PUBLIC SPIRITED CITIZEN AND A BRIGHT AND ZEALOUS CRAFTSMAN, THIS VOLUME 18 GRATEFULLY DEDICATED. The following pages are offered to the masonic fraternity in the hope that the various matters embodied in them may be the means of affording opportunity to brethren of gathering information relating to the craft in New Brunswick heretofore beyond their reach. John's Lodge, are necessarily abbreviated, in order to conform as nearly as possible to the design and limit of the compilation. The committee entered so promptly into the work, that on the 30th March the following notice was published in the Courier: "The members of the fraternity of free and accepted masons within this city and vicinity, are requested to attend at Mrs. February last, relative to building a masonic hall. John's and Ui)i 111 Lodges, and moved in procession to the foundation of the masonic hall, corner of King and Charlotte streets, in the following order: Two Bugles. John's and three from Union Lodge, was appointed to obtain information, and report at a subsequent meeting. Cock's, April 1st, for the purpose of receiving the report of a committee appointed on the 28th •30 FREEMASONRY IN NEW BRUNSWICK. 6S The lodge was opened in due form and soloninity, being attended by St. originally to publi Hli it, but have been perhaps overpersuaded by indis- creet friends), I have exiierienced a large measure of Hatisfaction in the perusal and deciphering of ancient books and documents, particularly those stored in the archives of the grand lodge of Nova Scotia. In the prosecution of this work, undertaken as a labor of love and to fill up an occasional hour not devoted to official duty (I did not intend X INTRODUCTION. John's Lodge — the exact wording of the original is given — as I felt that they would be more interesting to the reader than excerpts of later dates.


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