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Born into a world of powdered wigs and jewels, luxury and privilege, they are courted by notorious politicians, lords, actors, and even the Prince of Wales.From elopements and secret liaisons, to war, treason, and rebellion, their advantures unfold against breathtakingly beautiful backgrounds. Based on the award-winning biography by Stella Tillyard.

Katzin (IMDB) "It was the last battle on British soil but more than 250 years later Culloden remains one of the most controversial events in British history.

This documentary takes a fresh look at the reputations of the Duke of Cumberland and Prince Charles and at the Jacobite struggle; exploring its legacy not just for those whose lives were changed by it, but also for the development of England and Scotland.

"A group of Irish noblemen kidnap girls in order to marry into their fortune and avoid becoming priests or soldiers." "[S]et in County Waterford . When his village falls prey to one of Adanggaman's attacks, Ossei manages to escape, but his family is murdered except for his captured mother.

Some very funny scenes, particularly on the racetrack." Directed by Stefan Schwartz (IMDB) "In West Africa during the late 17th century, King Adanggaman leads a war against his neighboring tribes, ordering his soldiers to torch enemy villages, kill the elderly and capture the healthy tribesmen to sell to the European slave traders.

At the heart of what has come to be known as the Scottish Enlightenment was the philosopher, historian and economist David Hume, with his revolutionary investigations into the nature of knowledge.

Hume attracted thinkers including Lord Kames and Adam Smith, and their convivial discussions led to works that explored the nature of the world in a spirit of rational enquiry." A BBC4 Production. "In the 18th century, the triumph of commerce led to the emergence of a new 'middle' class, a group of people who craved pleasure and novelty, and developed its own tastes in art. "In the 17th century, when the people of Britain learned to question everything.

In the late 18th century, the Age of Reason has no room for fantasy.

In a town besieged by murderous enemies, a traveling company is putting on a stage show about the apocryphal Baron Munchausen, who, with his motley crew of servants, supposedly circled the globe and the universe, following each bizarre adventure with one even more strange and ludicrous.

Good direction and editing combine to make an interesting story into a great movie.

Chasing after the soldiers in an effort to free her, Ossei is befriended by a fierce warrior named Naka." Directed by Roger Gnoan M'Bala (IMDB) "Terry Gilliam tells the legend of an old man who has lived a fairy-tale life.

When Ichabod rides home through Sleepy Hollow late at night, he finds himself confronted by the Headless Horseman who wants Ichabod's head for himself!


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