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They have earned multiple award nominations for their roles.

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Susan forgives him, but her trust is shaken further when he cheats on her with his young attractive receptionist Sarah Beaumont (Nicola Charles).

They briefly separate, but reconcile and try and put their trust issues behind them.

Playing Libby was a very important part of my life and I can’t wait to re-introduce audiences to her,” said Valentine.“It’s wonderful to have Kym back for this milestone year for Alan and I, and we’re just lucky the Kennedy’s have that wing of bedrooms that we don’t see to accommodate everyone,” said Jackie Woodburne.

Neighbours’ Series Producer, Jason Herbison added, “Our script team have been very excited to introduce characters of historical significance in to our current cast and storylines.

Karl's father Tom Kennedy (Bob Hornery) visits and tells Karl that he is not his biological father, leading him to his real father, Ronald Davies-Smythe (Tony Hawkins).

Karl does accept Ronald, but he dies shortly after and Karl continues to consider Tom as his father.

Actors Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne chalk up their 20th anniversary on the soap this year and writers are reintroducing former characters to celebrate their achievement.

Benji Mc Nair, who played son Malcolm Kennedy has also been secured, but no word yet on Jesse Spencer, who played Billy Kennedy.

Father Karl was given the job of GP and mother Susan was chosen as the new Erinsborough High principal to give the characters immediate links with other characters.

Alan Fletcher, who previously appeared on the show in a minor role in 1987, was cast as Karl, while former Prisoner actress Jackie Woodburne was cast as Susan.

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