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As of , the employment rate was The labour market faces many of the problems that are common to most transition economies, such as loss of jobs in many sectors, that were not sufficiently compensated by emerging new sectors.History[ edit ] Traditional Tosk social status[ edit ] Liberal in the traditional sense, Tosk Albanians , from southern and central Albania , make up the majority population of Albanians living within Albania, and minority Albanian population living within the Balkans and greater Europe.

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A villager complained to his fellows that someone stole his cow last night, and they all start blaming him why he let that happen. We experienced ignorant bigotry from other Muslims outside of our families.

She will come off as modest in public, but once the lights are off and the door is closed you must be prepared for the inner freak to come out.

One African American sister implied I accepted abuse. This is the kind of ignorance we have faced and still experience from other Muslims, but we endure it with patience because we know the truth.

Under the communist government of Albania, an official ideology of gender equality was promoted. However, this type of bigotry is not what hurt the most.

We did it for the sake of Allah, because we have the same goals: It was my dear black American teachers, who were intelligent, hilariously funny, almost painfully empathetic, and so strong that they passed it on to their students, that taught me to never, ever, judge a person by their nationality, color, or ethnic origin.

Verily, the most honorable of you with Allah is the one who has At-Taqwa God-fearing.

I can boot about the lofty racism he loved from the nurse in the extra bankrupt after I had our motliest child.

I thorough that, to some who are of frightening and European descent in this method, I will never be capable nathan fillion dating stana katic to some Derisory Arabs and Stipulation American Muslims, I will never be Capable enough in their friends.

It hurts when Arabs assume that my husband is not a devout Muslim because he is African American.

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