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At the main entrance, the colors of the flags of all countries symbolizes the brotherhood and unity among nations of different races and cultures living in the world.

Within striking lighthouse museums are hosting exhibitions of different countries, which have their own space to show their cultural identity.

The last sanctuary is that of our Lady of Perpetual Help.

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From the highest point of the Fortress the flags of Spain, France, England, Haiti and the United States once flew.

Christopher Columbus one of the most important figures in the history of the Americas was once incarcerated here.

Construction began in 1510 with the arrival of the order of Dominican Nuns in the city of Santo Domingo and before it was finished, the monks lived it in.

They slept on wooden tables with a bit of hay on them; among them was Brother Anton Montesinos.

It was opened on October 6, 1992, commemorating the centenary V.

That same day the remains were moved from Columbus to the Cathedral Mausoleum erected at the crossing of the monument.

This was built between 15 started by Rodrigo Gil de Liendo and finished with the help of Carlos V. The bell tower was built in 163 Address: Padre Billini Street, Colonial City of Santo Domingo Regina Agelorum in Latin means “ Queen of Angels” originally the church was named Saint Catalina of Sienna.

In 1586 it was greatly deteriorated by Sir Francis Drake along with hurricanes in 16. This was the second convent of nuns in the Dominican Republic founded by the order of Dominicans, today however is has been replaced by the order of the Mercedaria nuns.

It was first Hospital in the New World and named it the Hospital of San Nicolas.


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