Am still single dating advice

Trust me when I say I’m guilty of some of these things too, but I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. Either way, I am still working on doing better every day so I can stay married lol.

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You lie, cheat, manipulate a situation if you have to just to get your way.

You are not transparent with your whereabouts [ ] 13. You never say no because you are a push over, guys like a little bit of sass and girls like a guy with some oomph [ ] 15.

I got so caught up in wondering what life would be like this or that happened that I wasn't enjoying the moments that mattered." —Kathryn F., 32 ## 4.

Letting go of expectations can be freeing."I was single until I finally got married in May 2014.

Both feelings are valid, and if you're single for some time, chances are you'll swing between the two.

But in those moments when you worry you'll be single forever—which isn't a death sentence, because a life on your own can be wonderful in its own right—it can help to hear from women who have been in the exact same place.

Through working with a fantastic therapist, I spent the last 12 months falling in love with myself.

It has been a wonderful journey filled with sadness and loss, but also with optimism and excitement.

You are too attached, don’t give ANY breathing room [ ] 26. You are an entrepreneur, at least you claim to be with no real business in site aka you refuse to work [ ] 30. Let me know if you would add anything else to this list!!

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