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On Sasanian coins, coin cities where there has been abbreviated name is known, but mark m was Amol.

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Some historians have attributed the rise of the city during Tahmuras.

Some past historians have associated this ancient city with the periods of the Pishdadian dynasty and the Kayanian dynasty.

Amu Darya Sasanian mid pers river about 2,500 km long, regarded in ancient times as the boundary between Iran and Turan, the modern name may be derived from Amol.

Amol, in the era of the Alid dynasties and Marashis dynasty, was the capital of Northern Iran.

People of the provinces pledged alliance to Hasan ibn Zayd.

Zayd became the founder of the Zaydid dynasty of Tabaristan Alavids government in Tabaristan established and its with Amol centered and 106 year domination of the Abbasids in the territory ended. Hasan al-Utrush with trip to Amol who re-established Zaydid rule over the province Tabaristan in northern Iran in 914, after fourteen years of Samanid rule.

The subsequent Afrasiyab dynasty flourished in the late medieval, pre-Safavid period; it is also called the Kia dynasty.

It was founded by Kiya Afrasiyab, who conquered the Bavand kingdom in 1349 and made himself king of the region, in Amol.

The other theory about Amol via Ibn Isfandiyar says, at the request of wife Firoz Shah, he created a large and flourishing city named Amele.

Further evidence of the power of the Amol people is their fighting in the Battle of Thermopylae, Battle of Gaugamela and other Sardis forces in the Achaemenid Empire.

In Hudud al-'Alam, Amol is regarded as a great city with active commerce and trading ventures.


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