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You can always choose to pay again and stay another hour, but by this time the bar's attractions have probably all been sampled.

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Swingers will easily find their need in the way of play parties and other gatherings almost every day of the week.

If you are into power exchange, fetish or BDSM games you will surely find the right shops and events spread around the city.

Different girls have different things they can do, ranging from the famous banana tricks to shows involving massage oil, vibrators and the most unique way you will ever see a postcard written on in your life.

A recent addition to the Banana Bar is the Banana Club, a strip club built along more familiar lines.

Well known as an open, hedonistic, kinky and welcoming all ways of life next to the normal.

This is the place where drugs and prostitutes are legal and presented to all to enjoy.

Everybody has its place in Amsterdam and the city stands behind the name it has created for itself as the most permissive and perverted city in the world or at least in Europe. All sizes, types, and colors of women present themselves to the people on the street.

Even if you are plain vanilla, the atmosphere will drive you to explore your sexuality and at least try the coffee shops scene. The protocol is very simple: If the curtain is closed – it means that someone is in, and if it’s open – you’re welcome.

The rather narrow bar can easily be spotted by the neon banana over the door, which can be seen from quite a distance, and the illustrations of women in erotic poses that take the place of windows in the building.

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