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According to the Pew Research Center, San Jose has 114 employed young single men for every 100 young single women, the highest ratio in the country.

Money may buy fairy tale dates, but it can also pose problems for both millionaires and their matches.

The matchmakers noted that resentment can set in if one party pays all the time and that money can breed a sense of entitlement, making clients super-picky.

Extremely busty and curvy 5'6" knockout Amy Anderssen was born on May 4, 1985 in Canada. Anderssen lost her virginity at age twenty and started her career in the adult entertainment industry by responding to an ad seeking actresses for a hardcore feature (she had sex for the third time in a porn movie).

SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) – For single ladies looking for love, new research has shown San Jose is among the best cities to find eligible bachelors.

“That was my ‘aha moment’ where I thought ‘What if I were to bridge this gap and create these opportunities for these great women in San Francisco and these great men in Silicon Valley? Amy then spent the next 3 years doing as much research as she could, using her business-oriented mind to get a better idea of the market and demand for this type of matchmaking business.

In 2003, once she had all her ducks in a row, she quit her job at Merrill Lynch, launched the company, and never looked back.

Knowing both areas very well, Amy pinpointed the problem: there were more available men in Silicon Valley than San Fran and more available women in San Fran than Silicon Valley.

With their family, friends, and careers being in their respective cities, making the 50-minute car trip to meet someone special wasn’t at the forefront of their minds, Amy explained.

“Because he’s not only often commitment minded and a serious professional in his career and really smart, but has a lot of the DNA to be a great husband.” And there is no shortage of cash rich techies, angel investors and venture capitalists.

“There has been such a huge percentage of men moving to Silicon Valley for these tremendous job opportunities,” Anderson said.

The place was rumored to be a virtual meat market of attractive older women, but reports of sex-for-hire arrests posted online derailed the middle-age dating extravaganza. The fifty-something crowd of attractive divorcees in short skirts mingling with wealthy internet moguls at Madera, the hotel’s on-site restaurant, abruptly halted.


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