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She has not updated her relationship status to the public.She is active on Twitter with thousands of followers.

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She is the daughter of a Zambian father and a White American mother. She grew up in her mother’s native Seattle, Washington after her parents separated.

She attended the Princeton University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts with a major in economics in .

“LSD is delightful to annihilate concept of self, the construction of self, biochemical tapestries stimulated by a culture, formulated in memory.

To see that thing bust apart by hallucinogens is a glory to bold.

Or at least do a better job of explaining the difference between today's libertarian and just being a selfish prick.

Now, many years ago on a television network far, far away, I expressed support for libertarianism because back then it meant I didn't want big government in my bedroom, in my medicine chest, and especially not in the second drawer of the nightstand on the left side of my bed. But somewhere along the way, libertarianism morphed into this creepy obsession with free-market capitalism based on an Ayn Rand called Atlas Shrugged, a book that's never been read all the way through by anybody with a girlfriend….Then Michael Shermer took him on, gently remonstrating with him, which led Maher to go full mental jacket trying to defend himself.He was even slapped down by Senator Bill Frist for saying he doesn't believe in vaccines or "Western medicine." Of course, given that I've been covering Maher's antivaccine proclivities for a decade now, I was under no illusion that he had suddenly gone a conversion to science.To experience oneness, to experience connection, to know that in truth we are all one, the glory of the light, the glory of the Lord! Also Read: Bill Maher: Trump Is ' Officially the Drunk Guy at the End of the Bar' After NFL Tirades The star of “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” answered so enthusiastically that Maher smiled and slowly rolled his chair away from him. “Still marijuana, which I believe you are well acquainted with. I can’t take that stuff…” Brand went on to say that now the only drug he’s interested in is “the drug of connection, of unity, of love.I know you’re an atheist,” he said, putting on the brakes. “These chairs have got wheels on them for a reason,” Brand laughed, grabbing Maher’s chair. For me, all these things are placebos, every drug, every commodity just a placeholder on the way.” Comedian Bill Maher has made a career of saying things that could come back to haunt him, both on his former ABC show "Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher" and on his current HBO show "Real Time with Bill Maher." Though Maher prides himself on being politically incorrect, there have been plenty of times he's said offensive things that got him into hot water. This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).

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