Anime dating games like my candy love

Especially for such avid gamers, we selected 21 Games like Episode for Android & i OS.

Hollywood Story – is the game for everyone who dreamed or still dreams to go all the way from an unknown actor to a bright star.

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And here in the game Episode – Choose Your Story presented such a unique opportunity.

However, sooner or later the game ends, and the plot is so addictive that you want to play again and again.

♥ Personalize your avatar Thousands of clothes for millions of looks!

Dress your avatar with the clothes you get in the game, at the boutique or during special events!

While I’m about halfway through my medicine (and hopefully feeling 100% once more), my focus is… As someone who normally multitasks a loot, it’s so…

Episode – Choose Your Story is an application – a simulator of life in various incredible situations.If […] I don’t usually write posts like this, usually feeling my activity kind of speaks for itself, but this year, unless you follow my MCL/Beemoov game blog, I haven’t done much of anything. For one, we’re in the process of moving so everything is being packed up and moved […] Before I get into the below, I know there were some site issues recently due to a vulnerability with an old plugin.Everything has been fixed and there should be no more issues.To get to Hollywood means to win a lucky ticket to a new yet unknown life, where access to wealth, fame and an impeccable reputation is opened. Will we have to break through the grievances and tears to the radiant pedestals and the expected roles?Is it worth making unpleasant but important acquaintances?Download the free Hollywood Story simulator and try yourself as a star.


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