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Finding out what she’s passionate about is a great way to get to know her.

She might give you a generic answer at first, Hartman says, but once you delve deeper, she’ll light up. I'm so glad you won't make me suffer through One Direction." Big mistake.

This is your opportunity to let her know what a catch you are, so you make sure to drop a few details about your weekends in Saint-Tropez, your corner office, and your brand-new S-Class. Showboating your material success is a surefire way to snag a woman who is only interested in your money, says Rachel De Alto, communications and relationship expert and author of .

To other women, you'll just come off like a shallow jerk.

I never contacted her again.” – Chan Yip Seng, 34, risk analyst Taking your time to reply “I get annoyed by women who rarely seem to want to initiate conversation.

When you reach out, they take 12 hours to respond to a simple ‘hi’.” – Denny Boey, 27, lawyer Image Dwelling in the virtual space “I don’t get why some women like to chat online for a long period of time before meeting up.

Wouldn’t it be better to meet up as soon as possible, then decide if you want to continue to spend hours chatting on the phone?

” – Thomas Tan, 30s, head of wealth management Giving monosyllabic answers “I find one-word responses irritating.

"It makes you look self absorbed, and she'll want nothing to do with you." YOUR FIX: Instead of trying to come off as Captain Awesome, encourage her to talk about herself.

Women love to be asked questions, says Terri Orbuch, Ph. Some good ways to get her to open up: Ask her about her career, her hobbies, and her pets.

You might think it's noble to lay all your cards on the table—or maybe she just makes you feel comfortable—but she doesn't need to know about your baggage yet.

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