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A firewall protects your system by monitoring the network traffic and blocking suspicious connections.

Make sure your computer’s inbuilt firewall is up and running.

A brassy nightclub singer, a starry-eyed stowaway, and Public Enemy No.

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To test them, do this: launch an application and see if the webcam indicator lights up, if yes – bingo, if not – continue to open apps one by one until you spot the one secretly using it.

Since you may have a lot of them on your computer, the process might be time-consuming. On mac OS, go to Terminal and enter specific commands. If your webcam light turns on a few seconds after you reboot your computer, without launching any applications – you might’ve been hacked.

or there’s an app running in the background (you can check this by following the instructions in Step 1).

If a hacker has been secretly snooping on you, you might be able to find audio and/or video recordings you don’t remember.

Directed by WCT professor Michele Pawk, with musical direction by Dr.

Lauri Young and choreography by WCT ’11 alum Patrick Ryan Heffernan.

Always use a VPN to secure your Wi-Fi connection and protect yourself from unwanted snoopers. It’s the easiest and 100% reliable way to prevent someone from watching you through your computer camera.

Nord VPN has military-grade encryption and advanced security features. If you feel like the tape is not classy enough, many retailers are now offering covers that attach to a webcam and slide to open or close.

However, don’t trust only this method as some hackers might simply live stream everything they can see through your webcam to their device.

If it turns out that an unfamiliar piece of software is secretly using your camera, scan your computer system for malware immediately. If it doesn’t solve the problem and you still have suspicion that your camera is hacked, it’s time to speak to a tech professional.

Public Wi-Fi networks are extremely vulnerable to hacking.

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