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His excessive nonchalance quickly irritates his social circle.

If an Aquarius man has stolen your heart, we're about to reveal exactly what you need to do to make him YOUR man, here's our condensed 5 step guide on how to attract an Aquarius man and make him your boyfriend.

If you follow our 5 simple seduction steps, your Aquarius man will instantly fall for you.

We reveal the secret seduction tips you need to attract an Aquarius man.

Aquarius guys are charming and they really are like no one else!

An Aquarius man attracts others with his originality and love of freedom, with him you’ll never be bored!

People always want to follow an Aquarius in his adventures; however, knowing how to attract an Aquarius man and recognizing the signs an Aquarius is into you are no easy feat, so don’t miss out on our advice on how to win his heart.

The person of his dreams is someone who’s very independent and rather original.

He’s a feminist and vindictive, and he dreams of sharing his ideas and views on life with his other half.

Their personalities are fun, creative and imaginative, but how do you go about attracting an Aquarius and making him your boyfriend?


  1. Bringing up disagreements or being abrasive can make everyone feel uncomfortable.

  2. No premarital sex and countless hours of Bible study.

  3. You don’t need to give out your life-story the first time you chat – and you shouldn’t.

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