european christian dating - Are diana taurasi and penny taylor dating

Another basketballer known as De Andre Ayton calls her the “Michael Jordan of WNBA”.

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When she started, she was the main guard in her team but had to also play forward because there were shorter players in the starting 5 of her team.

Diana began her international career in 2005 when she played for Dynamo Moscow, the team that had been dominant in the Russian league until the late 90s, and was still declining at the time she joined.

Her success in career path has paid her well financially making her salary $49,000 per year and her net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million. Diana Taurasi is currently active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Unlike other players, she has not been in rumors but she suffered a controversy when kissed her opponent on the court. She has more than 57.6k followers on Twitter and 167.4k followers on Facebook.

It might be because of the fact wants to build something special with Donna Orender because she wants to promote women power!

As we know that she has been the best American professional basketball player.

So, whether you think that Diana Taurasi is a lesbian or not, it too much difficult to say !

But officially as any announcement has not revealed so it’s not easy to authenticate anything.

She is Augustus who has been also engaged to a woman and she just hopes to get married by the end of the season.

Such act with lesbian must shows that she is not straight at all.

It is admitted by this star that she is in search for a perfect lady.

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