red hot speed dating with soul - Are gui gui and wang zi dating

WZ: Gui, I need to talk to you..*look at guigui*---------------------------------------------------Outside Gui Gui & Ya Tou's house: Guigui's thougths: Omg, what to do?

END OF WANG ZI'S THOUGTHSYa Tou: You know.deserves this! I choose you because you ask me first and I was mad at Wang Zi..

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dating advise net - Are gui gui and wang zi dating

And Wang Zi deserves this..he's the one who made me mad..

Tell me why you don't like me but you like that cold hearted prince!

you know you are so ugly when you laugh..*look at guigui*Guigui still laughing and she made wang zi blush*Wang zi was mad now .. Everyone knows that they likes each other.he haven't confess to her yet!

Mei Mei: gui, did you know that Tangua and Mao Di is dating? *look at tong tong*Mei Mei: She's just mad at Ao Quan.. *tease*Tong Tong: Don't tease me gui, you 're lucky..

Gui Gui: Li Quan, please let go of me.really scared me..*cries*From no where someone the movies when the prince is going to save the princess.. * cries*Wang Zi look at guigui and hold around her.. I promised you that i'm going to take care of you..remember?

He screams so loud that guigui actually was so scared that she cried.. And cuz right now, Gui Gui left HSM, i think if she want to date him, it's alright. And as you can see, they wore the same bracelet, cuz of they are dated on… Guigui's thoughts:omg..what's this weird feeling..? Through our extensive profiles, members can learn about each other before meeting in person.Our great quality assurance and customer service means all you have to worry about is looking good in your photo. Gui Gui: Li quan, you only know me for a couple of days.can you love me that much?


  1. Free members can browse the site’s matches and send smiles to one another, but only paid subscribers can send and receive messages, see who’s favorited/viewed them, and browse matches outside their stated preferences.

  2. If it's true that you know if you like a person within the first 10 seconds of meeting them, speed dating definitely adds up.. Well, at the beginning of the evening you get your match card as you meet people you can mark 'yes' or 'no', next to their name.

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