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Together they mentored men and women nominated by loved ones for style advice.The co-hosts would ambush unsuspecting fashion criminals and stage a sartorial intervention, making their guests watch voyeuristic footage of themselves dressed ridiculously at events.She is blessed with Looking at her body statistics, Gray streaks in hair is Stacy’s distinctive features. Stacy has starred in the TV commercials for Pantene, Woolite, Dr. Connect with Stacy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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They would then rifle through closets, tossing every item in a bin with a creative insult.

The shell-shocked guests were then allowed to stock their shelves anew.

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Stacy London is an American stylist/fashion consultant, author, and magazine editor remembered principally for her moment as co-host on reality television program What Not to Wear, that advertised wardrobe and appearance makeovers. Moving to her personal life, As a child, London became the victim of psoriasis.

After certifying from Vassar College, London inaugurated her career as a fashion editor at Vogue and turned into being a stylist for designers and celebrities. Stacy has Jewish ancestry on her father’s side and is of Sicilian descent on her mother’s side. As she prefers to keep her private life safe, information about her dating history is inaccessible.

In a beloved regular segment, they would shop on TLC's dime, with Kelly and London saving them from their worst sartorial instincts., Kelly told The Austin-American Statesmen that he and London's habits of finishing each other's sentences had become annoying.

"We need[ed] a break from each other," he said, revealing that they hadn't spoken in a number of years., Kelly added, "There's a part of me that will love Stacy London forever, and a part of me that would be just fine if I never saw her again for the rest of my life."Curious, then, that he'd react to her blocking him on Twitter with anything other than a shrug emoji.

She walked into television by co-hosting What Not to Wear with Clinton Kelly and doing fashion reporting for The Early Show, Access Hollywood, and the Today Show. Scholl’s, Woolite, and Riders by Lee from 2009–2010. She has not posted any photos with her boyfriend on any social media.


  1. Gossiping among coworkers means less productivity and can bring judgment, complaints, hurt feelings, and negatively affect office morale.

  2. It’s hard to believe how many women were willing to go on a date with a person whose name they don’t even know, based on such thin information. And don’t compromise on whether someone loves you and respects you for exactly who you are.

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