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In the preceding seasons, you can always see that there's a desire for Turtle to make it big.

When they're tripping balls at Joshua Tree, right before zoning back in, as well as in the next episode he talks about getting a job.

In Turtle's birthday episode where he's in a funk throughout cos he feels like everyone treats him like a piece of shit, he calls his cousin Ronnie up who tells him ' Limhoes' is a great idea.

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)One of my favorite scenes during this period is when he is leaving college and the sorority girl follows him and says oh so you and Jamie are really together then talk for a second.

Vince comes to pick him up and she was amazed he was picking Turtle up.

Weinstein: Well, maybe it's time for you to think about that part of your life being over. Ari: No, [points to Amanda] you can kiss your motherfucking dream job goodbye, 'cause you're right.

I didn't want this job, but now I'm gonna take it just to spite you!

Vince's entourage consists of: Eric, his closest friend, who acts as his manager; Johnny "Drama" Chase, his older brother, an avid cook and a struggling actor in his own right; and Turtle, who is simply living the high life riding Vince's coattails and serving as chauffeur. This town loves a comeback, and since Britney fucked hers up, it's all you!! Figure out if he has any shot at paying me back, because if he doesn't, you will! [crowd cheers louder and Drama high-fives Ronnie]Vince: Are you serious? I've listened to everything that you wanted me to do, and now I've got a house full of people who can really see how a failure I've turned into.

The NEXT PERSON to mention Richard Roeper will be fired [annoyed with phone at Lloyd's desk] and Lloyd, you will also be fired if you don’t answer THE FUCKING PHONE!!! the movie was awful, and yes, you were awful in it, but one bad movie could be overcome. [stands and addresses crowd] Hey everyone, I got an announcement to make.I think the idea was always that Turtle was always the underdog nobody imagined could pull shit off, but he managed to deliver.As far back as Season 2, he managed to not only sign Saigon, but also get him a record deal as well as get his song onto Queens Boulevard.We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.During my initial watch, the one thing I wanted more than anything was for Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Turtle to find each other down the road.Take it from us firsthand, there are many perils for reporters assigned to cover the celebrity beat.

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