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To protect its users, Ashley Madison uses three types of monitoring — human monitoring, automated monitoring, and machine learning — to keep out what the company deems “undesirable” profiles: sex workers, scammers, and spammers.

I created an account to report this story, and, after sending messages to several users saying that I was a reporter looking for sources, my account was promptly deleted.

“I’ve told girlfriends who have been fighting with their husbands nonstop to just have an affair. You don’t need to end a marriage to get more attention.”Amy has been married for 16 years, has two children, and sleeps on a separate floor in the house from her husband. It works for me and the kids.”Frankie*, a 39-year old woman living in Georgia, signed up for an Ashley Madison account around 2013.

At the time, she was married, but barely spoke to her husband, whom she said was cold and distant. But conversations Frankie had with men on Ashley Madison, as well as the physical relationships she developed, broke her out of her shell. During her affairs, she said, “I was in a place where I was only into what I was doing right now, I didn’t care about how I looked, only that it felt good.

In 2017, there were an average of 152,035 new Ashley Madison accounts registered per month in the United States, and the end of last year, the ratio of male to female active user accounts in the U. Toronto-based Ruby Corp., which owns Ashley Madison, has done a significant amount of work since the 2015 hack to make the website’s users feel more secure.

To start, the company fired its CEO and changed its name (Ruby used to be Avid Life Media).

And for women like Lindsey, using the site still feels like a less risky form of cheating.

Online, it’s easier to meet someone you’re sure your spouse won’t run into at the grocery store.

Ashley Madison users are typically on the site because they’re hoping to keep their sex lives private, both from their spouses and their judgemental peers.

But they’ve all used the site to find affair partners, which means they’ve accepted at least some baseline of risk.

She said some of them shied away from Ashley Madison after the hack, but after the dust settled, most returned.


  1. Have you ever exchanged emails with someone you met through an internet dating site, just to wonder if its the same person who is replying to your messages each time?

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