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"There are a fair number of students who come for the dating assignment," said instructor Bae Jeong-weon."There are students who have never dated before, and there are some who want to create opportunities by dating like this." Such classes may be necessary.Lee said the friend was terrified because the man kept showing up at her home even after their relationship ended.

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People in minimum-wage jobs earning 8,350 won ($7.22) an hour would have to work 7.6 hours to pay for a single date.

In a survey by market research firm Embrain, 81% of respondents said dating expenses were a source of stress in relationships.

In a 2019 survey by recruitment firm Job Korea, only one in 10 students due to graduate this year had found full-time employment.

While they struggle to find jobs, many young South Koreans say they lack the time, money or emotional capacity to go on dates.

"So when they have their first sexual experience, it leads them to make mistakes." To help correct such misconceptions, Bae's class provides information about sex, such as how to reach orgasm, erogenous zones, and most importantly, the psychology of sex and the gender politics around it.

"The goal (of the class) is to understand differences among people, especially between men and women, and how to form good relationships and become good people by considering and respecting others," she said "I think understanding each other is crucial as we work together to create a better and happier world." Kim agreed.

So, often their knowledge about sex is distorted." "Many of my friends learned about sex through porn.

They watch porn and think 'That's how I'm supposed to do it,' or 'If I do that, she'll feel good'," said Kim Joon-hyup, the male Sejong student.

"When you have someone you like, you want to invest everything in that person, but at the moment, it's hard to afford to meet anyone." "Many students think it takes money to date," she said.


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