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I'd say the dating game for Asian males in Boston is pretty tough.

Boston is very diverse, but that actually works against you.

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I think you’d be better off in LA or somewhere else in cali tbh, Boston isn’t racist per se but it’s filled with white people who grew up hanging out with only white people so that self-segregation means that despite otherwise being very liberal they kind of just don’t know what to do around minorities.

They’re receptive if you can bond with them through some kind of niche mutual interest or just being weird/quirky in the same way they are (I actually think I’ve unconsciously cultivated a much more off-beat sense of humor than I otherwise would have living somewhere else the past ten years because of this), but it does get exhausting constantly having to win people over.

I am a single AM who's lived in Boston for 20 years.

I've only lived in the city between Back Bay and South End, and I go out a lot around the area and Cambridge.

Per the comments below, there are still several backwards pockets in the city, such as some of the bars mentioned below in Faneuil Hall.

Also I want to make a distinction, white or even asian women preferring white men is fine and not something I consider racist, especially in this day and age. That said, womens' preference may be subliminally affected by what they see in public.That being said, I live in Cali now and it's so much better than Boston.Seriously fuck Boston I will only go back to see my friend and his new baby, that place really sucks ass.Aside from being called chink, gook, getting into fights for dumb shit related to racist shit at the club or bar, dating wise its not as great. That being said, good characterization of Eastern MA.I'm not saying its impossible but its a much more noticeable handicap than in Cali. And yes, the upper-middle Asian kiddos peak out in Boston after a T30 school and move to bigger Asian-enclave cosmopolitan city markets.Though the vast majority of my friends are Caucasian due to my finance job background, personally AMWF has been very challenging for me.


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