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With this site, you are merely negotiating for a single public meetup, such that both parties feel comfortable, and any future arrangements may be made on that date.

Complaints here about that not leading to sex are ridiculous, as that's not the point of the site.

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Normally, I get quite a bit of attention on dating sites. No, we don't get money from credits guys spend to speak to people. I disputed the charge and they filed collections after me. 15%----Unlock for fee...says Hi, how are you...reply...further're ignored 20%---- On date tell you next date with goodies is 200-300 No hint on site they're Hoes. The problem is, you will automatically receive an email within a minute after matching someone, which is suspicious to begin with.

To be honest, my WYP profile gets almost no attention at all. I didn't even know about those until I found this review page. My suspicions were confirmed, when I received an email from a user that just said "app" and the user said she didnt send it, which would be deceptive at best since you are paying for it.

In contradiction to some of the other reviewers here (some of which appear to be made up, frankly, as they offer bizarre claims), my experience with the site has been uniformly excellent.

She is easy and a nympho that runs through 3 guys a week. I made an account so I can snap a pic for my upcoming custody case.

Counter claims that the women are prostitutes is similarly weird.

These are actual women (many college age) actually eager to go out with you, and yes, in exchange for some amount of money.

I have files and files of evidence proving that this company is a fraud.

If you had sex, than you paid for it and it cost 1,000k and you should be thrown in jail because prostitution is ILLEGAL To newbie male WYPers: Almost all the women on WYP - most of all the 'gorgeous eastern Europeans (especially Russians)' - are on the site for the money only.

What happens after that--what you talk about, what you do, is, obviously, up to you and the woman. What I can tell you is that the women I have spoken with, and met up with, have been attractive, intelligent and perfectly reasonable, real life people.

The site can get populated by women who are less than honest in their intentions, but, when that happened to me, Customer Service handled the situation in a responsive and timely manner.

In summary, I highly recommend the site, assuming you understand the purpose of the site. My max first date offer is in my profile at 0 which I do not negotiate. If they state they want to be spoiled, go to a fancy restaurant, have things bought for them STAY AWAY!

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