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It is important to note that many children and adults who do not have any medical condition are simply shy or have difficulty conversing and relating with peers.

There are also people with other medical conditions such as nonverbal learning disorder (NLD) and attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD) disorder who exhibit communication problems similar to Aspergers symptoms.

In addition, some people with Aspergers also have other medical conditions such as ADHD.

Diagnosing mild Aspergers is even more of a challenge because some people with mild Aspergers only display several noticeable symptoms.

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Mild Aspergers syndrome may be difficult to diagnose.

Yet, once people receive a diagnosis, they have access to many effective treatment options.

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The reason for the missed diagnosis is the fact that many children with Aspergers meet most early childhood developmental milestones, although some are late bloomers, and often have a large vocabulary.

In some cases of mild Aspergers, the first noticeable signs of the disorder may be apparent when the child enters school and has significant difficultly with social interaction, communication or understanding verbal instruction.

All three sites provide information on local chapters and resources.

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