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He also attended the 40th January 30, 1963 Memorandum President [John F.] Kennedy requested Mr.Acheson, as a private citizen, to consult with him on problems respecting the North Atlantic Treaty Organization [NATO], and this consultation lasted over a period of a few months early in 1961. Acheson consulted with the President on the Berlin problem in the summer of that year.

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This memorandum was prepared during a period when Acheson was taking a very public and active role in the administration's attempts to come to terms with the challenge to the Atlantic Community posed by French President Charles de Gaulle's press conference of January 14, 1963.

Between October 17 and October 26, 1962, during the crisis over the missile build-up in Cuba, Mr.

Acheson was informed of the situation and his views were sought by the Administration.With decades of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience guiding hunts and meeting clients needs.Striker is able to provide value and innovation to your hunt.Our new website is optimized for the most current web browsing technology.If you are using an older web browser, part of our website may not function properly as designed.Striker Overly is a third-generation Alaskan Guide & Outfitter.


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