Avg keeps updating

If AVG detects a virus infection in a file during a download, it will keep the file off your computer.

If you think AVG is incorrectly flagging a file during download, try downloading other files off the same site, as well as other websites, to rule out the specific file being infected.

When Windows launches, it starts AVG along with other programs and services that the operating system needs to run.

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If there is no "Program Files (x86) " folder, open the Program Files folder.

Delete all the folders with the "AVG" prefix, except the highest-numbered version.

You may notice experience slow startups if you recently installed AVG.

In fact, it can take 10 minutes or more for the program to perform its initial scan when you first install the program.

AVG has documented an issue with the anti-virus program blocking all file downloads over the Internet following a version upgrade.

According to AVG, the anti-virus program will display the message "Download Failed - Virus Detected" for all downloads when encountering this problem.You may think that running several anti-virus programs at once increases your protection, but AVG recommends using one security program to protect your computer. Security apps that conflict with AVG include Norton, Avast and Microsoft Security Essentials.If you try to install AVG and an existing antivirus program on a computer that has a conflicting security program, the installation program warns you.AVG's Upgrade page provides a download link that you can follow to obtain the latest AVG version for free (link in Resources).Perform this task first, and you may fix your slow start-up problem and help your computer run faster.However, you won’t have to worry about this slowdown in the future because this scan only occurs once.


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