Avg updating in progress

The first option will scan all files on a selected drive.The second option will let you choose the specific directory to be scanned (to choose it, use arrow keys and the SPACEBAR.

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The whole CD or USB flash drive is a live CD with Linux operating system and AVG preinstalled on it.

This document will guide you through basic operations of AVG Rescue CD and its features.

During the actual booting, the AVG Rescue CD will automatically mount all hard drives of the computer.

This will make them available for scanning and editing.

To start the AVG Rescue CD interface again, type arl and press Enter.

To start a scan of the computer, select the Scan option from the user interface. When confirmed, you can choose between two options - scan the volume or scan directory.

Also, network connection will be automatically set.

In the next step, you will be asked if you want to run an update of AVG. If you have a working internet connection, perform the online update.

See the Network settings and update section of this guide for additional information on setting the network manually and updating AVG.


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