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While it does cost a bit more than the most basic starter options, its 0.459" bore is great even for advanced players.

If your beginner must start off with the absolute best, check out the Bach TR300H2.

Visit our showroom in Ittervoort, along the A2 between Roermond and Maaseik (B).

Order your accessories and supplies online at our webshop.

They'll find this horn easy to play without getting too loud and overpowering their bandmates.

The Yamaha YTR-2330 is more evidence of the brand's increasing importance in the brasswind family.

It's great for learning how to produce a consistent tone.

The Allora AATR-101 is an attractive and bold way to bridge the gap between your first rental horn and more sensitive, professional-grade ones.

Musicians frequently referred to a Bach trumpet as a real ‘Stradivarius’, thus inspiring the name Bach Stradivarius.

Bach later added trombones to his line around 1928.

The Etude ETR-100 is a good reminder that inexpensive, imported horns can be made with excellent craftsmanship.

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