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Lillith Shayton is a very responsible teen who always takes all her babysitting jobs very seriously.When hot MILF Alexis Fawx decided to start dating again and find herself a man she called up Lillith and hired her.She's about to bash the intruder in with a baseball bat, but when she sees it's Bruce, she chills out. Megan immediately succumbs to India's lesbian charm as she spreads her fantasy mother's legs apart and eats out her moist pussy making her juices flow heavenly.

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Robby had already found his way over there and decided to surprise her.

He was so horny he couldn't wait for her to finish babysitting and he figured they could just fuck on Alexis' bed.

After he sets up the GPS, Eva asks him to show her how it works.

On purpose she directs them to a nearby hotel where she thanks him for all of his help.

The only problem was Alexis ended her date with a lame accountant early and caught them in the middle of the act. As she scolded them for being irresponsible and disrespectful, she couldn't help but notice Robby's raging boner and Lillith's sweet ass.

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