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You will need to set your availability status to Available in order to receive notification of instant messages.

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To message someone, click a contact on the Contact List screen. Click ‘Options.’ Clear the Vibrate When Receiving a Ping check box.) To reply to a message click the wheel and click on ‘Reply’, type message and then click ‘Send’. Closing your Black Berry Messenger, does not automatically end existing conversations. A bubble icon in the Black Berry device status section of the screen indicates that a new instant message has arrived.

To end a conversation simply click the Track Wheel and click ‘End Conversation.’ You can add an additional chatter during a conversation. Conversations that are still active when the Black Berry device is turned off are re-activated when the Black Berry device is turned on.

This helps import contacts/numbers to Gmail from a saved file (.csv).

If you're having other issues with your phone or device, visit our Troubleshooting Assistant.

Black Berry Messenger also updates availability statuses automatically.

The Busy icon automatically displays when the contact is engaged in another activity.Creating Contact Lists Your contact list displays your individual contacts and contact groups.A contact is an individual Black Berry Messenger user.The Black Berry Messenger feature enables you to text chat with other Crack Berry addicts in real time using your Black Berry.To use this feature, you must have the Black Berry Messenger program installed on your Black Berry.Click ‘Request by Email’ or ‘PIN’ and then type either the address or PIN. To remove someone from your contact list, just click the contact on the Contact List screen. Click ‘Delete.’ If you wish to see a contact’s information, click the contact on the Contact List screen and then select Click ‘Contact Info.’ You can use groups to sort your contacts. To add a group to your contact list, click the Track Wheel on the Contact List screen. Click ‘OK.’ To move contacts from one group to another, click the contact on the Contact List screen. To remove a group, click a group name on the Contact List screen. Click ‘Ping Contact’ to cause the contact’s Black Berry device to vibrate.


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