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Compared to store-bought fruit juice loaded with sugar and artificial flavoring, it will be more healthful.

If your blender is old enough that making smoothies involves picking out chunks of seeds and pulp when you're done, sure, advantage to the new guys.

I’m currently using a 6s and Image Blender has always been one of the strongest workhorses in my photo app line up. I love that they never even bothered to update the original looking app icon, only performance improvements.

Fortunately, this single-serve blender more than put my concerns to rest and nailed all of our realistic usage tests.

For $90, it makes smoothies as well as some $400 and $500 models.

If you have another high quality blender and are wondering if you're missing out on some secret extra process employed by the Nutri Ninja or Nutri Bullet, rest assured, you're not.

"Nutrient extraction" simply means it's good at chopping up fruits and veggies, that's it.

I’ve been using the app when I got my first i Pod Touch with a camera and it was awesome.

Then moved up to a 4s and the app stayed very much the same-awesome. It does what other apps may include as features, except IB specializes in the one thing, blending layers.

With 900 watts at the Nutri Ninja's disposal, a bigger jar with measurement lines might have rounded out the product and made it a steal.

As it stands, all you're getting for the extra over a Hamilton Beach model is speed and style.

That said, most modern blenders can make smoothies with ease.

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