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I have two blog-related things to say, which aren’t really related to each other in any way. If you have an actively updating ace-related blog (for this purpose, that means something ace-related at least once a month) that is not already on our blogroll, please let us know!

Second, because we’re doing this call for international voices, I thought I would share our site statistics by country.

Fortunately, only a few Word sites have been impacted by the disappearing Links feature.

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It’s a great resource for all of us southeasterners.

Get Outdoors – A blog that doesn’t concentrate every post on a “new revolutionary” sock.

There is some really nice resort, athlete and event news.

Wild Snow – A very gear-oriented blog but has some very good reviews.

Below, I show the number of page views in this blog’s lifetime, as of the end of July.

The “other” category includes all countries which have less than 1%.

I tried to identify a good mix of subjects but, with the huge amount of information out there, it was definitely a challenge.

Blue Ridge Outdoors – The accompanying blog to a great magazine that covers everything relevant in southeastern sports.

With the release of Word Press 3.5, it is likely the Word Press Links Manager will be gone. The Word Press Development team knows that many of you still rely upon your blogrolls.

They’ve created the Link Manager Word Press Plugin, the official replacement for the original Links Manager in Word Press.

Endless posts about the “new thing” litter the internet and, as a result, lose their significance.

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