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“But if he pays attention to you and how you dress and pays you compliments and gives attention to something specific, like your hair or shoes, then he’ll probably pay attention to you in the bedroom too.” The Way He Kisses: “The amount of time he spends and his inventiveness in kissing is a match for the amount of time he’ll spend on foreplay and the inventiveness he will have for it.

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“Kissing and foreplay are mirror images.” The Way He Dances: “If he’s confident on the dance floor, does it well and is in sync with the music, expect him to move and be in sync with you. How he treats children is a terrific indicator of how he’ll be in the afterglow. Those are wonderful traits for a man in the bedroom and in life." I always tell both my male and female clients that they should look for a partner they would trust with their imaginary three-year-old child.

The ability to read the music- indicates an ability and desire to read your signals.” Hey a guy doesn’t have to be John Travolta – “And remember the way a man enjoys music, like the way he enjoys food, shows a man’s desirability for pleasure.” The Way He Interacts with Small Children: Is he tender and gentle? Each of us has a child inside and we expose that during sex - make sure you trust your sexual partner to take care." It has been part of woman's primal instincts for mating to look for a man who would be strong, protective, and a good provider. Patti never fails to deliver an outstanding program!

Men are less astute than women in reading nonverbal signals, but research shows this is one they read that you may not even know you have sent.

Kissing is indicative of playfulness, imaginativeness, willingness, tenderness,” says Wood.

According to the experts, there are telltale signs that will give you a reading before you find yourself …. According to body language expert Patti Wood, there are ways to read a man, including whether he’ll wow you in bed, “but remember, these are more indicators than certainties.” Wood, a non-verbal communication and behavior expert based in Atlanta, teaches a course for single people on body language and dating called "Love Signals- The Secret Signals of attraction, flirting, and courtship." The Way He Drives: Does he take direction well or is there a high need to control? “If he’s insensitive to your concerns, like speeding down the road while you are gripping the car seat in fright, then he is likely to be unaware of your needs when you are intimate.” Also if he he’s a risk-taker on the road and you are aren't, and don’t feel safe, you’ll probably feel that same level of discomfort in the bedroom.

Another biggie – how he takes care of his car: a man’s car is symbolic of the way he sees himself.Foreplay also helps the clitoris fulfill its "O" so important role."It has the same characteristics as the penis," Westheimer says. Westheimer says a woman especially needs emotional assurance that the man she's about to have sex with really wants to be with her.if he’s driving a beater that’s in bad shape and disrepair, that says he does not like nor is he taking care of himself.That indicates he will have difficulty taking care of you, says Wood.The Way He Dresses: “This can really fool you because this is more of a reflection of how he wants to be seen rather than what he’s really like,” says Wood.


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