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remember, this is saturating everything, penetrating everywhere, filling the atmosphere, filling the surface, covering the surface of the planet…Im Laufe des Lebens kann es passieren, dass der Knorpel in den Gelenken zu stark abnutzt. Wichtig ist in dem Fall, auf ein schonendes Training zu achten. Wenn etwas Dunkles vorbeischwirrt, kann es sich um eine Fliege handeln. Eine Gelenkprothesen-Operation ist kein einfacher Eingriff. Patienten sollten bei der Wahl der Fachklinik daher darauf achten, dass ausreichend Erfahrung auf dem Gebiet vorhanden ist. Nach jahrelangen Anstrengungen, den mitunter tödlichen Virus auszurotten, haben sich in Europa wieder mehr Menschen an Masern angesteckt.This destructive event helped preserve the tablets, which lay in the earth and were eventually found by 19th century archaeologists.

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During the burning of the Royal Palace, a great fire ravaged the Library of Ashurbanipal where the scholar King Ashurbanipal had amassed a great number of texts and tablets from various countries.

In 612 BC the Assyrian capital Nineveh was destroyed by a coalition of Babylonians, Scythians and Medes.our solar system, this part of the galaxy is in an advanced stage of evolution and we are all changing at a rapid pace. It all keeps increasing at a rapid pace and we keep strengthening it, with these daily meditations and that's why I said in the beginning of these meditations. Right now, we are pioneering it, to the extent where everybody we can find, to join. We've got people sitting in rooms with one line, bringing 500 people in.We ’ve got people that are setting up hall's, meeting halls where they can come every day and get on the line, on the speaker line and listen in on the meditation and participate.There are many ways that this can be done without everybody having to call in.You could have one person with 500, one with 2000, one with 3000. from everywhere …and that's the direction that we are working towards so that the increase … Away from 8000 call participants and a lot of those are coming in with groups of people and listening from different parts of the planet and participating in the meditations. However, the considerable number of clay cuneiform tablets became partially baked.


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