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For one, an elaborate search system is in place that you can use to find profiles of interesting singles.

Furthermore, you can – of course – use the messaging system that is in place.

Book of Matches is part of Internet Initiative Partners, LLC. Amount of members Book of Matches has around 200,000 active members that visit the website every month.

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Those two hours are worth more than 15 dollars which is what it costs me to join a top dating site. They are How About We for their app and cool concept and of course

innovates their features all the time and they take online dating offline with their stir events.

Get notifications of new messages, and easily find them in your inbox!

I don’t know about you, but I get tired of paying for stuff so much.

My philosophy is simple folks when it comes to free dating sites. You can disagree with me as many do but I firmly believe that free does not work when it comes to online dating.

I place too much value on my time and I want to be on a dating site where people have the motivation of something to lose.

) Favorite, Private Message, and Instant Chat Free Messaging between members means you can send & read email without worrying if they/you have access!

Keep track of who you want to message by favoriting or just going to your "Who I'm Checking Out" page.

Corporate Info / Contact info: Book of Matches does not have any active contact information that is available to the general public.

Book of Matches can be contacted through their email address: [email protected]

: Set your preferences and get lists of profile pictures with basic info.

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