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that while MDT 2013 Update 1 is required for managing Windows 10, MDT 2013 update 2 is NOT required.Also Update 2 includes no major features over update 1, but I’m interested in user experience enhancements for Windows 10 in-place upgrade task sequences.

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Skip Build=NOBuildi D=Test1In MDT you can have several different builds -- this lets you choose which one to prompt for or automatically start building with.

Skip Computer Name=NOComputer Name=TEST-COMPUTERPrompt for the computer name.

The Domain DC value has to be something that the Win PE 'install' can resolve.

The Staging OU is where you want your machine to be housed on a temp basis so that you can get around any policies that may cause you heartburn with doing installs.

SLShare=\\COMPUTER\logs$Where some logs will be saved at on a network machine if you want them to be. Staging OU=OU=Vista Test, DC=DOMAIN, DC=ad, DC=SCHOOL, DC=edu Domain DC=

I had a very difficult time getting this to work, but it is very nice when you run into problems with your deployment (and you will). These are added in so that my custom swap OU scripts will work.

Skip Admin Password=YESAsk the 'user' to input an admin password when they are building the machine.

Skip Product Key=YESHas the machine talk to the KMS server.

For me the generic Computers OU would not work, I had to make a different one -- but more on that in another post.

Skip BDDWelcome=YESGets rid of the 'hi welcome to the deployment click next to do anything useful' screen.

Skip Deployment Type=YESDeployment Type=NEWCOMPUTERThis formats the HDD and does not save user data.


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