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At least he’ll give Sabe a job even though it’s a store for gentlemen, apparently… Then Sabe has to sleep in order to have enough HP to talk again. I wish I could hear his voice, because personally the voice is everything for a guy in real life. He’s still a little cold, but that’s to be expected with someone who has that social history. I have to wonder why he refused to go out on dates with Sabe when she asked him, then?? If he had a crush on Sabe all those years, he must have had a hard time accepting that it would be possible to go out with her; he had to change his mindset on that one. All right, after dating Landon and Roland and finding them both perrrrfect, I shall eliminate Nathan from the pool.It would be cool if these dating sims had some voices to include once in a while, but I know the perk for these is that they’re often free flash games, you can make them with the free visual novel Ren’Py software, etc. His synthetic fiber hair and silicon skin gives him the appearance of a real person. Not that Sabe doesn’t appreciate a gentleman clockmaker, but Nathan’s a tad formal and uptight for her.

(I’m sorry, but HP is so valuable and we have less than a month to fall in love here! ) I totally went for Travis, the computer club president, even though he was all mean at the beginning. This means that my boss is a teddy bear, that is kind of awesome. Now Sabe must decorate Landon’s laboratory with stickers…

The professor was mean to me, too, but that’s how those romance start out… He says he knew Teddy stole the Time Jumper device, but it’s all right. After a couple more dates and some chatting about Landon being just as shy and awkward as ever…

Real ending: ------------ To get the real ending on the real game, enter 105783 as a password.

Hidden fight mode for free relationship points: ----------------------------------------------- To get free relationship points without too much work, go to the pub, click "Easy", then click the second option.

Your task is to meet and date well known Pornstars.

Create your personality, improve yourself all the time, earn money for doing various jobs, buy different items and gifts for these girls.

Soooo Sabe says the strangest thing to Nathan, which is that good people die young and she . Maybe they’re going to make the best odd pair in steampunk world… let’s use the 2000 HP to work like mad, make fat stacks, and buy a plastic boyfriend! He can memorize faces, names, and all kinds of information. After chatting a bit more with Roland, we get here: . =) Back to the present time period to see what happens with Landon and Oz.

I notice that when Sabe has two conversation options, if she chooses the “wrong” one, a little sweat icon will appear over her head. His advance chat software makes him a great companion to have around. First, Sabe goes to her room and chats with Oz, learning 1.) he likes the color orange, 2.) he likes the stickers that Sabe gives him.

An evil Succubus has easily seduced you (of course) and cursed your soul to an eternity of endless pain in hell.


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